Thursday, September 7, 2017


So I had to reinforce the fence for Odyssey was able to go over it. At the same time, I have transplanted sweet potato, red okra, kailan and bokchoy seedlings into the ground. Will be transplanting broccoli seedlings too when they are ready. 
Marigold, red bowl lettuce, kohlrabi and raab rapini did not germinated. While only one sunflower and 4 carrots germinated. Sad as heck.
I lined the plot with cement bricks so I know where to step.

Also bought a drainer cleaner to clear the soil from the drains.

It is really awesome to see the oakleaf fern is growing. However the indoor ones are quite dormant.

Surprise. I have garlic vines growing among Bauhinia. Actually, I was thinking to purchase garlic vine when I saw them on the FB group. It does have faint scent of garlic.

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