Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Indulgence: Prettiness

This week saw me spending too much (to my liking anyway) money on plants. 

 I purchased 2 dwarf calla lilies. How gorgeous are the colors!

Gasp! Staghorn fern. It won't be the one and only.

This will be hung in the master bedroom but I will have to re-tie it with fishing line so it has a cleaner look and also my drilling skill is rather lacking I need to wait for the BF to come home from Europe to do that.

This is the inspiration. I will be asking my dad to make the exact frame for my next staghorn.

Look at this.... The nursery has at least 5 walls of these.

Lowland hydrangea which I named Penelope. Heh.

It has been raining a lot and I forgot to bring it in. Gah.

Sweet potato. I've plucked the slips out from the tuber and they are growing roots in a rapid rate. I should be able to transplant them into soil next week or so.

Heirloom tomatoes. I separated them into 2 planters. Coco ate the seedlings as one of the planters was on the floor.

Avocado suffered a little sunburn.

Twins! Magnolia Coco.

Ylang-ylang blooming again.

Very expensive purchase - peonies and rose. But will you look at them. Gorgeousness.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The dwarf plumeria cutting didn't dry well so I re-cut again.

 Avocado got sunburned?

My magnolia Cocos. I probably should name the new one Olive Oyl since she's so leggy.

Heirloom tomato seedlings sharing planter with green onions. 

This highland hydrangea is still deciding if she's gonna stay or not.

What's left of the new hydrangea - sharing with basil. SIGH.

Only 1 lavender left so I made a few cuttings for rooting.

Thai basil cuttings sharing with the hydrangea that's dying.

Stopped at local florist to get some flowers on Monday and it was a bad time as most flowers were sold during Mother's Day so there wasn't much of a selection. I picked up these sweet-looking 'mums instead.

Few plants caught my attention. No I didn't buy them.

The plumeria inflo from the cutting.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Noon

The 2 plumerias  that I moved to the other apartments are extremely happy.

 And I'm happy because it turned out that one of them is this. I haven't seen her for the longest time as it's placed at the balcony of a bedroom that's being rented out and I have no access to it. Look at her! Just the other I was contemplating to buy a similar dwarf. 

My love for plumerias kinda rekindled so I'm rooting these two.

That aside, my new hydrangea and magnolia coco arrived. Happiness is when the hydrangea is blooming and both are taller than I have expected.

Avocados were cheap lately so we could afford this time. Am growing them to practice grafting, which kind of icky - it's pretty similar to Mengele's experiments if you think about it.

 Thai basil did start to root. Phew.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Noon

Sweet potato has grown a couple of slips. 

Doesn't seem like the Thai Basil will grow root. Maybe I could collect the seeds from the flowers.

Heirloom tomato seedlings.

Hydrangea has a huge surprise for me. Look at that!

Her sprouts are growing bigger too. I'm glad she's happy here. 

Chinese kale ain't that happy.

So is the Magnolia Lily. Lost few leaves. Note the birdnest fern my bf got from me. I noticed it growing from a rail on our apartment lobby and I told him I wanted it. He surprised me this.

The slimmest edamame pods I've ever seen.

Balsam seedlings and the highland hydrangea co-existing peacefully.

More growth on the Magnolia Coco.

For some weird reason, like my Magnolia Lily, one branch lost all its leaves but Coco is growing some sprouts.

Finally some visible growth for Avocado Miki.

Another drastic growth is Bachelor's buttons.

Cute little growth tuberose.

I didn't close the door tightly and Odyssey got out and lay herself comfortably. She does this because I can't carry her into.