Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Woody and Thorny Perennial Blooms

Proud moments.
Dijon Honey

 All American Magic

Cécil Brünner 

Memphis Music

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wedding Florals

We got married on new year. That's the big event that I have been preparing for the past month as it was a DIY wedding. I engaged with a florist whose has a modern style and I pretty much let her decide everything.

My bouquet! I'm very happy that she used some of my favorite blooms like ranunculus and protea. Those David Austins are so gorgeous too. 

One of my centrepieces on the bridal table.

Featured on her instagram.

 Cute posies on other tables.

My chair!

New Year, New Me, Maybe

So I definitely haven't spending a lot of time outdoor due to mosquitoes and a recent huge event that happened. But some of the plants are doing pretty good on their own. The huge kauka wilder now blooms a lot more which is great although she's still having rust.

Purple balsam! 


Pink rose.

I think this is dahlia.


The Prince bloomed.

Memphis Magic rose are not showing its stripes somehow.

One of the Autumn Beauty sunflower.

 The bigger broccoli is infested by something.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Abort and Re-do

I had to pull the zucchinis for they were diseased - white fungal stuff growing on the leaves so I'm sowing grey zucchini instead. It's very unfortunate that I've only harvest 1 zucchini so far! They were many fruits forming but they rotted in the end!

Japanese cucumbers that I'm letting to seed. They are attacked by insects too.

A rogue snow pea plant growing. 

Tiny carrots.

Scrawny lettuce slowly fattening up.

Tomato and white radish seedlings.

Very tiny Autumn Beauty sunflower.

2 rogue strawflower seedlings growing among columbine seedlings.

Bauhinia is flowering in time for my upcoming wedding.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Random Identified

I finally figured out what this random plant that is growing among my rainlily - that purple calla lily! I'm so glad I didn't pull it out!

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Mosquitoes broke me. I no longer could enjoy gardening. I had to keep my action haste and it's giving me grievance.
Other than that, I purchased more annuals yesterday: zinnia, cosmos and marigolds. I also bought a pot of bird eye chilli.

Odyssey dug out the cosmos and peach zinnia 5 minutes after I planted them into the ground. God damn it.

As you can see, the dual-colored balsams are reaching their end. Hydrangeas are growing pretty slow.

I'm quite disappointed to see this rose variety has such a small bloom.

The Prince (David Austin variety) has arrived. It's quite different from what I have expected.

 I very quickly transplanted tomato and white radish seedlings to this plot. I got dizzy few times from getting up quickly to get the mosquitoes off me. ARGH!

Jee Petch looking extra pretty today!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Phantom Gourd and the Rest

The phantom gourd creeper grew a fruit today and I found out it's luffa/petola, one of my favorite veggie. That means, I have to fertilize it and wonder if I should move it to the patch. I mean there's some free space on the patch now. I pulled the red okra today when I saw them infected with something. One Japanese cucumber plant and french died. So I think I can grow this next to the french bean.

I finally made something with the first cucumber that I harvested - cucumber yogurt sauce for grilled fish today. I'm leaving the second cucumber to seed and harvested 2 cucumbers.

Sun was in full force today my carrots withered. I pulled one out and it was quite fat but short. 

So I noticed one zucchini plant grows a lot of female while the other two don't,

A couple more young fruit rotted.

My neglected seedlings. Those are spinach, leek and more spinach. The 3 newspaper pots were chili, they didn't germinated.

Another tray of neglected seedlings. Front to back: Giant Italian parsley and coriander, tomato with parsley, etiolated white radish, onion and Columbine with 2 rogue strawflowers.

I still haven't move the cotton plants to the ground. I really should but the mosquitoes are really crazy right now it's discouraging me from going out there.

My patch. Zucchini and sweet potato are overgrown, another cabbage head kaputted by insect. I accidentally pulled out the kailan that's growing seed pods. It was on my way.

Fruits section is doing not too bad - Longan is still at flowering stage.

At least6 jackfruits are fattening up on the tree. I really wish I know when to harvest because the first one that I harvested didn't even form fruit inside.

Mulberry shrubs are shooting shoots with a lot of fruit in vengeance.

Herb patch is also pretty wild. The latest addition - rosemary is not doing ok.

Harvest of the day.