Sunday, June 24, 2018

Here and There, A Little Bit More

With new development in our lives and heavy travelling, the yard was quite forsaken. The Plot to Happiness is being put on hold on as mentioned in previous post and one of the fence post gone kaputt so Odyssey had access to it although she's just walking around, no harm done.
Here's a little update to what's going on. 
 The egg magnolia has been flowering a few times, I think this is the third one. It looked so cute.

My poor maidenhair fern almost died twice but it bounced back. 

 The red magnolia sprouted new branch and the leaves are so much bigger! I'm very happy that's she's happy.

One of the plants I acquired from Austria in April was Korean mint. It's not doing as well as I thought it'd be. Also, the two mints that I had kinda died too.

Got bay leaf plant from Austria too. Doing better than I've expected in humid climate.

 Lastly, I attempted to grow Alpine strawberries again and this time worked. I could see new runners growing and it is growing a fruit too.

My hydrangeas are doing alright except for the gardener kept trimming when he cut my grass. So annoying!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Darling Just Dive Right in and Follow My Lead

I have finally secured myself a red magnolia. I hope to have a better luck this time. It did seem to have a good start as after I stripped all the leaves, the bud began leafing again after a day.

Honey Dijon is very quickly becoming my favourite rose. She also has a faint pleasing scent.

Ad for my platyceriums... 

The maidenhair fern that I almost lost flourished again.

Cotton bud. How cute is that?! I have not repotted them so the cotton plants are very leggy but they are forming buds.

My sunflower patch that never materialise. Will be clearing the area soon. 

The Kauka Wilder tree has been pretty happy I suppose as she is flowering massively.

The phantom bougainvillea near the veg patch finally bloomed. It's a pretty orange-hued one.

Now let's talk about the Plot to Happiness. I've totally neglected it as I was very occupied with my wedding preparation and then at the same time, there's a bun in the oven. I'm in my 15th week this week and finally started to feel like a human again. So I cleared the forsaken patch, and covered with the weed-blocker. I think I will take a break for now.

I harvested the white radish a couple of weeks ago but they are still in the fridge.

Yesterday I harvested the carrots. Many of fellow gardeners in my FB group were impressed by the size of them as it is known that carrots grown in (lowland) Malaysia are tiny and thin. I believed that they could have been bigger as I stopped caring for them since November.

They are our dinner tonight. Not only they smelled so good when I pulled them out, they tasted amazing raw.

 As I was clearing the patch, I pulled out many tiny sweet potato tubers. What the heck, I really thought it was a failure as I pulled most of them out in December and all I got was 2 alright-sized tubers.

Quite motivated by how well my carrots did, I sowed some again in the same pots and moved them to the front instead. At the same time when I was rummaging through my seeds that I kept in the fridge. I felt a surge to plant things again but I do doubt that I won't have the time to care for it so maybe I will just use the planters I have to plant some greens.

Look at this cute pineapple!

Seedless guava sapling from my sister's boyfriend's family tree has grown a flower bud. Truth be told, I've been eating a lot of guava lately.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Woody and Thorny Perennial Blooms

Proud moments.
Dijon Honey

 All American Magic

Cécil Brünner 

Memphis Music

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wedding Florals

We got married on new year. That's the big event that I have been preparing for the past month as it was a DIY wedding. I engaged with a florist whose has a modern style and I pretty much let her decide everything.

My bouquet! I'm very happy that she used some of my favorite blooms like ranunculus and protea. Those David Austins are so gorgeous too. 

One of my centrepieces on the bridal table.

Featured on her instagram.

 Cute posies on other tables.

My chair!

New Year, New Me, Maybe

So I definitely haven't spending a lot of time outdoor due to mosquitoes and a recent huge event that happened. But some of the plants are doing pretty good on their own. The huge kauka wilder now blooms a lot more which is great although she's still having rust.

Purple balsam! 


Pink rose.

I think this is dahlia.


The Prince bloomed.

Memphis Magic rose are not showing its stripes somehow.

One of the Autumn Beauty sunflower.

 The bigger broccoli is infested by something.