Sunday, March 19, 2017

When Opportunity Strikes

We had our air-cons serviced so it was a great opportunity to clean up the balcony as we had to move the pots for the service guy to get to the air-con unit. Cleared the leaves off and washed the floor as the service guy had a hose. 

Cleaned the wild strawberry plant (it was treated with neem oil solution for whiteflies so it trapped a lot of dust and doghair).

Moved the avocado seedlings to where my adenium was. Adenium is in the house now.

Transplanted the longan into a pot.

Procrastinating .

Here's how the Ylang Ylang looks like right now in comparison to when I first got her.

Lastly, a throwback. I missed having hydrangea blooms!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Welcome to the Fam

New addition - Longan Lada (Chilli) marcotted. A marcotted Avocado Miki is on the way to me now. :D

Tiny harvest of my tiny french beans, they were my dinner last night.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pictures of the Day


 I almost killed my lavendar with fish emulsion!
French beans

Bachelor's Buttons

Longan seedling

Ylang ylang blooms. I wonder those are seeds!

Magnolia Coco actually came with an Anthurium-look-alike plant. Could be weed

Strawberry survived. This plant has been pretty much abused by my dogs. Odyssey uprooted it whilst Coco eats the leaves


Bali Hai Gold Plumeria grows 2 inflos.

Saving okra seeds

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Good and The Bad

French beans and edamames are growing pretty good. 

Can't say the same of my hydrangea and lavender. I made a mistake by giving them fish emulsion.

I made a wrong move by feeding the lavendar fish emulsion.

I left Odyssey at the balcony unattended and she dug out my strawberry planter. Gosh, I hope it survives.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Beginnings

My bachelor's button seedlings. I was told they are potted plants but turned out to be weed-type. >_<

Edamame seedlings.

French beans.

Tiny beans are forming!

A little worried about the new magnolia coco but turned out it's growing new shoots. 

So are my hydrangea.

Balsam plants!

Lemon is also growing shoot. I need to check if it's grafted with the seller tomorrow!

I'm already thinking to grow longan and this is just a test since one of the seeds was growing shoot so I planted it. I will definitely be buying a grafted one.

 Avocado seedlings. If I could, I would buy a grafted/marcotted one too. Just take too long to grow from seed and the risk of it not fruiting is too high.
A broken plumeria branch that I found when walking the dogs. 

Speaking of dogs, here's Coco and Odyssey sleeping in the car during a long drive home from my parents'. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017


French beans. Tidied them up with some sticks.


Longan. I was just testing growing from seed. I would buy a grafted/marcotted one from farmer's market when we move to a landed property.

I sowed at least 7 seeds but only 2 germinated.

A variety of Aeonium (valverdense?) that I brought back from Santorini last June.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The New and The Gones

The replacement to my dying magnolia coco arrived this afternoon. I hope I don't kill her again.

This was the old one.

On a happier note, a Malaysian Red Plumeria that I saw at the nursery while picking up the new hydrangea. By the way, there are only 4 varieties of plumerias left in my balcony. My Malaysian Red died too. I will wait until we move to a landed house before starting my plumeria collection again.

Eucalyptus that I picked from a local florist to decorate home as we are having guest over.