Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let's Talk About Farming

The jackfruit tree is really producing although I do have hard time fighting the insects. Quite many of the baby fruits rot.

I'm not sure if longan's flowering.

More edamame.

Chinese Kailan

Japanese cucumber

Snap peas!

My rabbiteye blueberry plant perked up after fertilizing.

The remaining of thyme which I accidentally pulled from the garden plot and now I've transferred to the Malaysian Red plumeria pot.

Flower and vegetable seedlings!

Ornamental Delight

I must say the balsam took quite long to flower.

The previous tenants left 2 pots of wild orchids and they didn't look good. After 2 rounds of fertilizers, they start to bloom.

I found that this is Brazilian Button and although they are quite pretty, they are invasive.

It's nice to pass by Ylang-ylang and get a whiff of her.

The pink and white roses are starting to bloom again after fertilising.

Few of my calendulas have been trampled by Odyssey. 

Peach-colored canna lily my neighbour shared with me.

Sunflower seedlings - not doing well due to lack of water.

Dahlia seedling.

I totally forgot about watering the platyceriums that a few wilted, especially the ridleyi. For a moment I thought I was going to lose her but today she perked up.

Weed War

For a while I thought the hardest part was tilling the plot - I was proved wrong. Weed is the killer. Although tilling was tiring, I must say I enjoyed the physical work. I was sweating and that felt great. Weed is stupid. I used to enjoy weeding the lawn of my apartment - it was almost therapeutic. But over here, weed is evil and widespread on both veggie and herb plots. It's easier to weed the veggie plot despite mosquitoes. Herb plot however is difficult with those pineapple leaves. 
The biggest project for today was lining the herb garden with damp newspaper and wood chips. Turned out 120l of wood chips ain't enough for this tiny plot.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Epiphytic Style

This poor Wallichi-Could-Be! I really need to put more moss into it, it dries very quickly that it wilts quicker than the rest. Upside is that it's grown fronds.

I should mount it on a proper board soon.

This 2nd Bifurcatum is growing frond and shield.

Elemaria grew a shield too.

Ms. Ridleyi grew another shield and she's growing a frond too!

Another Wallichi growing a single frond.

The hurperzia is doing pretty food - it's growing!

I can say the same for the oakleafs - growing fronds.

Flower Power

I haven't given up hope on lavender but this time I won't plant them on the herb plot anymore.

Mexican Giant sunflowers. Ah... I still can't decide when to transplant them to the ground. I probably should do that after clearing those weeds!

I got myself my first love, the Malaysian Red plumeria and I got it pretty cheaply at RM25. Another nursery tried to sell me one at RM80.

Am still waiting bachelor's button to flower.

Recently bought more roses - Cecil Brunner on the left, white thornless in the middle and my first pink rose.

Recent seedling catastrophe (I left it under the sun and forgot about them during rain, the paper pots made out of Ikea magazine melted and the seedlings were floating! Affected seedlings were calendula, dahlia and sunflowers. So I transplanted the calendula and dahlia earlier than I planned. I just hope they don't die from Odyssey's trampling.

I gave Jasmine a hard trim and she bounced back with lovely leaves along with some blooms too.

Those poor American Giants.

My sole orchids doing pretty ok.

Tutti Fruity

So the rambutan tree has started to grow fruits.

My longan lada.

Guava that my sister got me from her fiance's house.

My poor lemon is always full of caterpillars! Argh!

This is either lemon or local mandarin that I grew from seed.

Mulberry has been fruiting profilically after heavy prune.

Recently bought a blueberry plant, it's rabbiteye variety. 

Our first jackfruit!