Friday, April 21, 2017

Old Love

Stopped by at my favourite florist to pick up some tuberose but my old love greeted me at the door so I  brought them home.

Old love - Calla Lilies. How pretty and elegant!

Tillandsia that I got for last Christmas, the other one didn't survived. I left it too long in the water.

Bought a bunch of dill from the supermarket to grow. They wilted - I suppose it's too hot.

Sowed some Kailan a couple of days ago.
Edamame went a bit crazy. :D

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 For some weird reason, one Bachelor's Button seedling is bigger than the other.

My edamame beans aren't as fat as I wanted them to be.

Lowland hydrangea is thriving, seems to be sprouting new shoots. I was contemplating if I should chop the top off to promote branching but turns out I don't have to.

Magnolia Lily is sprouting new shoots, if only they were flower buds.

So highland hydrangea somehow revived. I was thinking to use the pot for the balsam seedlings (the last two balsams plants were killed off, very weak due to spider mite attacks) and turned out hydrangea refused to die and sprouted some shoots instead. Man, whatever. I transplanted the balsam seedlings anyway.

My sister is rooting some common mint for me. 
And the same time, I sowed kailan/Chinese kale in a planter and Brussels sprouts on another. The Brussels sprout seeds are very old so instead of throwing them away, I just sowed them. Not putting much hope on it anyway.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Little Scare and A Little Surprise

I was away for almost a week so when I came back, the wild strawberry and highland hydrangea died. Magnolia Coco lost a few leaves whilst Lemon lost kinda a lot of leaves and some were burnt. We are having some major heatwave here.

The heatwave isn't really a bad thing, some plants benefitted from it. Plumeria over at another apartment is flowering albeit some of her leaves were burnt.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tiny Spruce Up and New Beginning

I was a little concerned with my Tuberose, although it's doing well, I thought it could need some space so separating them would be a great idea. 

I cleaned the clay and separated into 3 portions and transplanted them in a bigger planter.

After transplanting the tuberose, an inspiration to clean up and re-arrange came and it came at a very wrong time - mid-day when the sun is at its best. Spent maybe 15 minutes and here it is:

Some close ups of the plants:
Avocado Miki and Longan: Miki grew a little while I don't see Longan growing at all that's why I move to the front so Longan gets more sun.

Magnolia Coco is reputedly a slow grower but I do see new leaf buds.

Hydrangea looks great - this is before mid-day. She wilted a little when the sun was the strongest.

Highland hydrangea doesn't look like it's gonna make it judging from my experience.

I uprooted the 2 balsam plants that I had as they were infested by whiteflies and spidermites so I'm resowing new seeds. They germinated very quickly - you could see them germinated the day after.

Edamame! Just need few more days so they are more filled up.

My precious, precious PRECIOUS Magnolia Lily. I can see she's liking here, I can see her forming new leaf buds.

 I cut cordyline and put them on vase on my dining table and they rooted so I chopped them off and plunked them onto the same pot. Well look at them! I just love how crazy bright they are when they have most sun. 

This place has becoming the succulent corner.

New leaf buds forming!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Pictorial (So Belated)

Was a little busy of the week.
Edamame blooms come in few colors apparently, I have purple and white so far. I believe there's also yellow.

Tiny pods forming!

Gorgeous Bali Hai Gold, as usual.

I trimmed the Adenium and am thinking to give the avocado seedlings away but to whom??? Meanwhile the lavender revived.

Avocado Miki.

  A shot of the Magnolia Lily for future comparison.
Lowland Hydrangea.

Magnolia Coco. Slow growing as I read somewhere.

So it seems acclimatised hydrangea is still tricky.

Kaffir lime. It was quite neglected until recently I started giving her some fertilizer - the new leaves is the proof she's happy again.

The very abused strawberry is now potted here!

The Indian curry seedling that I repotted to a smaller pot to give way to lowland hydrangea.

Mixed of local aloe vera, cactus, succulents, Amaryllis, mint and chives.

 New ylang ylang bloom.
Haven't seen any growth in this longan.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Morning edit

Spent a couple of minutes at the balcony to just make sure everything's alright.

Clockwise from left: Magnolia Coco, Hydrangea & Magnolia Lily. Hydrangea was a little wilted when I transplanted it, she looks better this morning after a huge splash of water.

Magnolia Lily close up. The leaves were hole-y, indicating no pesticides used on her but the color is a little too pale to my liking, I hope she will like it here.

Clockwise from left: Longan, Avocado, Basil and Tuberose.

I was short of pots so I transplanted the Indian curry plant to a smaller pot.