Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The dwarf plumeria cutting didn't dry well so I re-cut again.

 Avocado got sunburned?

My magnolia Cocos. I probably should name the new one Olive Oyl since she's so leggy.

Heirloom tomato seedlings sharing planter with green onions. 

This highland hydrangea is still deciding if she's gonna stay or not.

What's left of the new hydrangea - sharing with basil. SIGH.

Only 1 lavender left so I made a few cuttings for rooting.

Thai basil cuttings sharing with the hydrangea that's dying.

Stopped at local florist to get some flowers on Monday and it was a bad time as most flowers were sold during Mother's Day so there wasn't much of a selection. I picked up these sweet-looking 'mums instead.

Few plants caught my attention. No I didn't buy them.

The plumeria inflo from the cutting.

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