Monday, July 10, 2017

Almost Midnight Loot

I was busy running errands today but got lucky when I stumbled across a tree full of oakleaf fern and that spured me into hatching a plan - enlisting my fianc├ę as bodyguard to accompany to harvest it at night. And because the tree was across the road from where I was, I had no clue how high it'd be. Well, turned out it was too high for either one of us to reach them. Disappointed, we walked back to our car lo and behold, they are growing at the base of a group of palm trees. OMG! These babies are left on any pot with soil. I still have no idea what to do with them, or rather how to mount them to display them in full glory! This fern is named Paku Kepala Tupai in Malay that is Squirrel Head Fern in English.

Yesterday I spent some time fixing new frame for Ms Bifurcatum the Younger but I made a couple of mistake. I also noticed that longer frames look better than a square one, so I will have to make a new one for her. I also need to mount her higher on the frame so the hook can hidden. Since I used a slimmer stick, I patched the back using the old frame so the sphagnum moss won't stain the wall, it was a good idea but I nailed them at wrong places. I really need to sit and think about the design again. 

Ms Could-be Wallichii the Older is mounted. This time, I cut the vertical sticks longer to have the elongated look. But then, I tied her the wrong side so it's a little difficult for me to hang it on the wall. Oh Rae... 

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